Namibia – Guiding Metaphors

Guiding metaphors can transforms a commonplace perspective into an exceptional one. This enlivens the images you make. I relate to dunes as human bodies. This is sensed by the viewer, always on an subconscious level, sometimes on a conscious level. It helps me to know what my guiding metaphor is so I can intensify this interpretation while I’m on the spot. It makes the work stronger. So when choosing between these horizontal and vertical compositions, I’ll choose the composition that emphasizes that metaphor.
(By the way, it’s always a good idea to shoot both horizontal and vertical. Watch how it changes things. Long after, you may find you relate to the images differently than you do on the spot. But there’s often no going back, so get it while you can. Or should I say, get both while you can.)
Visit here tomorrow for more of my images from Namibia.
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  • jahartford

    19.10.2009 at 15:29 Reply

    You made mention many times during the trip about making sure to get both a vertical and horizontal shot of the subject we were engaged with. I am happy to say I took that advice most of the time and it has helped out tremendously! I’ve just got to make it a habit now…

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