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  • majimaging

    03.11.2009 at 08:40 Reply

    Hi, great lecture last night both insightful and inspiring. Afterwards I took the opportunity to share a thought that occurred to me when you were describing your concept to bring scientists and artists together to communicate on the polar ice caps. I suggested that for a communication to be really effective it must probe the daily lives of people, and yet your binding image theme is express omission of such abstracts of humanity, so I saw that as a challenge. Afterwards I realized there are pieces in your collection that remain true to your style of omission but visually do create a tangible connection between the human world and the natural. “Path 1” being an excellent example. To me a similar approach of non-explicit suggestion would be very powerful in your communications on the polar ice caps.
    Again great lecture and many thanks for putting Milwaukee on your schedule!

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