The Epson R1900 Prints My Workshop DVDs

The Epson R1900 really excels at high gloss printing, but it also does a great job printing CD and DVD labels. We print my workshop DVDs on an Epson R1900. Good color. Good resolution. Permanent. And it’s easy! Just load in the disc and print.
(Don’t confuse these DVDs with my Acme Educational DVDs. These DVDs are for my workshop alumni only and contain hundreds of digital files, exercises, actions, and discounts.)

Find out about the Epson R1900 here.

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Get my Acme Educational DVDs here.

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  • Eddie Murphy

    20.10.2008 at 18:21 Reply

    Hey JP,
    I noticed that you’re not printing to the center hub on those DVDs. Are they hub-printable DVDs? If so, you can adjust the Inner/Outer Diameter settings in PrintCD.

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