A Short Visual History Of Artist Inspiring Artists



Titian inspired Manet

03_manet2 copy 04_Gaugin

Manet inspired Gaugin

05_manet-herbe 06_monet

Manet inspired Monet

07_Vangopgh_Gaugin 08_hockney_gaugin

Van Gogh inspired Hockney

09_van-gogh 10_lichtenstein

Van Gogh inspired Lichtenstein

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11_Velasquez 12_8-joel-peter-witkin-does-velasquezs-las-meninas-1987

Velasquez inspired Witkin

13_O'Sullivan 14_Klett

O’Sullivan inspired Klett

15_bosch 16_miro

Bosch inspired Miro

17_da-vinci 18_warhol

Da Vinci inspired Warhol

19_Michał-Anioł-Pietà-watykańska 20_3-david-la-chapelle - michealangelo

Michealangelo inspired LaChapelle

21_Willendorf_1500-56a6e0215f9b58b7d0e535cd 22_39981-1412012365-39981-1411658088-Koons,-Balloon-Venus-(for-Dom-Perignon)-xl

The Venus Of Willendorf inspired Koons

Picasso inspired so many …






Christo and Jean Claude



What’s an homage?

Here’s what Wikipedia offers.

“Homage is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something, sometimes by simple declaration but often by some more oblique reference, artistic or poetic. The term is often used in the arts for where one author or artist shows respect to another by allusion or imitation; this is often pronounced like the French hommage

It was originally a declaration of fealty in the feudal system—swearing that one was the man of the feudal lord. The concept then became used figuratively for an acknowledgement of quality or superiority. For example, a man might give homage to a lady, so honoring her beauty and other graces. In German scholarship, followers of a great scholar developed the custom of honoring their mentor by producing papers dedicated to him.

In music homage can take the form of a composition (Homage to Paderewski), a tribute album (Homage to Charles Parker) or a sample.

As of 2010, the digital techniques used to generate many forms of media make it easy to borrow from other works and this remediation may be used in homage to them.”

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