We live in interesting times! This web stuff is fascinating. I think of it as humanity collectively wiring up a new external communal neural network and learning/inventing new ways of social interaction. Professor Walsh, a cultural anthropologist, with little more than text graphics, gets this point across brilliantly in this simple video (4:33), which over 5,700,000 viewers have watched.

You can hear his thoughts on the creation of the video in this video (9:58).

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  • The video is very interesting on so many levels. The debate still rages on within the psychology and spiritual worlds on the existence of a connecting medium that ties all living things together. Even physicists have gotten involved in that debate. But I have often thought about how the internet has become the physical manifestation of that medium. The internet has become a sort of collective unconscious that ties us all together. If you think about it, communication is nothing more than energy transfer. Be it the vibrating particles of sound from our voices, sign language from our body movements, or electrons flowing across a wire…. communication is energy transfer. So communicating over the internet could easily be seen as individual minds connecting to form a single collective unconsciousness. But I guess it would be more of a consciousness since you willingly tap into it.

    Science fiction writers have been writing about artificial intelligence and conscious machines for a long time. Some have even written about humans becoming the machines themselves. Is that so far fetched? According to this video, no… it isn’t… WE are the machine… once again, science fiction has turned into reality.

    Great post!! This is why I love reading your blog.

  • Every Sunday morning I get up, grab a Mt. Dew and visit my favorite blogs. Yours is on my list of visits…and I want to say that that video was an Awesome way to start my day! Extremely interesting and rings very true. Thanks for posting it!

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