Karen Daspit – Next Step Alumni Group Exhibit

John Paul Caponigro’s Next Step Alumni Group
For over 10 years I’ve been mentoring a select group of individuals. Their progress has been thrilling to watch. It’s been a true privilege to be a part of their growth. July 7 their first Group Exhibit will be unveiled at the Maine Media Workshops. (link)
Karen Daspit has been a member for over 5 years. Here’s one important thing she learned and her work.
Alumni Insights
The most important thing I learned from my participation in John Paul Caponigro’s Next Step Alumni Group is that a group can create a synergy that produces artistic progression and excellence.  Next Step has done that for me, personally.  Somehow, watching other artists work improve and establishing a close connection with them via the internet creates a platform for improvement.  Our group leader, John Paul Caponigro has set the standards high for critique, and quality of work submitted to the group. This has helped fuel the improvement I have experienced. It is almost a magical experience!
Artist’s Statement
The tropical environment I find in Hawaii inspires my images. The fauna here never ceases to amaze and provoke my creative spirit.  I enjoy working with an earthen palate and taking what I see around me and re-composing it to my liking.
I have always been blessed with a creative ability that allows me to “see” a finished image in my mind’s eye.This ability, combined with my experience in the computer industry has served me well in this metamorphic journey.
My work has matured over the last 12 years.  While conquering some of the technicalities of a camera, my work was basic and somewhat geometric and design oriented.  It has progressed through various themes of flowers and leaves, to what is now a much more intricate and creative product.
I enjoy this task so much. I have met amazing people who have encouraged and mentored me. Living in Hawaii is a blessing to my work.
I strive to charm the observer, as I have been charmed.
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See the Next Step Exhibit at the Maine Media Workshops July 7 – 30.
Stay tuned for individual and group Next Step Blurb books.
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Next Step Alumni Experience
I have belonged to the Next Step group for over five years.  Over the years, Next Step has developed from a small group to a much larger, more diverse group of personalities and talents.  Next Step now, has artistic synergy, and a great leader in John Paul Caponigro.  Next Step is about learning to critique other people’s work, personal and group growth, and encouragement.  Next step is a commitment of time and is a work inprogress.
I have thrived in Next Step.  Our leader John Paul Caponigro has honored us as individuals with an initiation to the group and has set the standards very high.  He has shared his artistic processes with us and made us into better professionals.  He has inspired me as an artist and given me superb tools to work with in a competitive marketing environment.
Within this large group, many sub-groups have formed on their own.  The really active members continue to inspire me to participate more.  There is usually something interesting to read from the group, and I have learned a lot about the different people involved.  Mostly, Next Step keeps me on track at attempting to improve my art form.  It is a privilege to be part of Next Step.
Karen Taylor Daspit is a photographic artist who lives in Kailua, Hawaii. She has a bachleor’s degree in English Literature and retired from IBM as a Systems Engineer.  Over the past 12 years she has dedicated her efforts to the art of photography.
She has studied with Richard Cooke III, and Dewitt Jones, both National Geographic photographers. Presently, she is mentored and trained by John Paul Caponigro, a respected east coast artist. Her husband, Warren has always been an ardent supporter.  In 2008 she received a third place award in the abstract category in The International Color Awards for her piece “Arabesque’.
Her work appears in various collections in Hawaii and the Seattle areas.  She is represented by The Fine Art Associates in Honolulu.  Karen’s work is also available on a selective basis for various charities. Please contact her directly at ktdaspit@yahoo.com for more information.  Visit her website at ktdaspit.com

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