Danco Island / Melchior Islands

At last! A sunny day! Sunshine energized us on an extended visit to Danco Island. Some made the trek up the mountain to a high overlook of the surrounding glaciers and bays. Others went on extended zodiac cruises through fields of ice. We made our way from one end of the island to the other as brash ice and bergy bits swiftly swept away in the strong current, while large water carved tabulars slowly drifted and shifted. The ice that was transparent glowed unimaginable shades of blue both above and below the waterline.
We moved on through the Gerlache Strait to the Melchior Islands, a small dramatic chain of islands at the edge of the southern ocean. After a hot chocolate party on the upper decks we turned out to the ruling seas for our return voyage. Once again, the seas were high and rolling and the low lying clouds swept in once again. Sea birds chased the boat, gliding at the water’s surface to skim for krill stirred by the boat’s passage.
Phone calls home and to my father on his birthday were much appreciated.
This evening, all of the instructors processed one of their new files and discussed why they made the decisions they made along the way.

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  • Pieter Sanders

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    Does anybody know if kasino Maria is still operating? thanks

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