My Top 20 Images Of 2011

Refraction XXXVII

Refraction LXIV

Inhalation XXIX

Inhalation XXXVIII

Refraction LXXIII B

Exhalation XXVIII


This is a selection of my top 12 images of all time. This selection doesn’t reflect sales, publication, or activities on the web. It simply reflects my opinion. Click on the titles to find out more about each image.
Antarctica, California, Iceland, Utah
The focus of my energies this year was to bring three bodies of work to completion, not done as in over, but done as in enough to achieve real depth and to reveal the seeds that leads to new work.
Two bodies of work merged; Inhalation and Exhalation found a larger shared envelope in Respiration. In Respiration, symmetry elicits a rich upwelling of associations both the archetypal and the individual highlighting the role of the viewer’s personal experience in the process of interpretation. In Refraction, the mystery light patterns partially reveal fields of energy and information encoded holographic universe relativistically perceived. Quantum editions were released (viewer’s choose which and how many variants are manifested in print form) allowing the viewer’s perception to determine the final shape a print edition takes.
Magnificent Moment
I spent a great deal of time entranced by changing light on and in flowing water patterns. On California’s Guadalupe Beach, on a long sunny afternoon, moving back and forth, in and out of constantly shifting water courses I found myself lost in flow in a timeless experience. I drank nothing but felt that a deep thirst had been quenched.

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  • Edie Howe

    04.01.2012 at 10:27 Reply

    Creative images, all. Is it just me, or does #13 look especially…um…Georgia O’Keefe-ian?
    In any case, your innovative processing impresses and inspires me, Mr. Caponigro. I look forward to seeing more of your work this year.
    Edie Howe

  • reehasmith

    05.01.2012 at 18:12 Reply

    Wow. gorgeous images. thanks for sharing. keep on sharing more latest pics and amazed me with your great work. INK TONERS

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