New Uses for Printers – Posters

For years I’ve used Epson printers to print custom promotional materials in limited quantities.
Recently, we just finished printing posters for my Annual Open Studio Exhibit. I post them regionally to promote the exhibit and I sell a limited number of signed posters during the event.
Owning your own inkjet printer is like having your own offset press – only better. While each item takes longer to produce and costs more, the quality is better; resolution, color, and durability are exceptional. While this approach isn’t optimal for high volume production (thousands of copies), desktop printers are great for short runs. Because you don’t have to produce a large number of units to make a project cost effective (you don’t have to invest in the materials to produce a project or the time and space to warehouse a large inventory), inkjet printers make it possible to make certain things that might never have been made before.
Like what? Come and see! And stay tuned for more posts.
What do you use desktop printers to produce? Comment here.
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  • Scott Buttrick

    29.07.2008 at 06:47 Reply

    Excellent point J.P. I have been doing the same thing for several years in promotion of my own work. In March I opened my own fine art gallery,, and produce all of the posters for the gallery on my Epson 2400 or 7880. I print 8×10 and 13×19 for both handouts and posters. It sure beats going to a printing company for small runs and I love the control it offers me over the final output.

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    08.11.2019 at 04:59 Reply

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