William Eggleston

“Eggleston is the beginning of modern color photography.” – John Szarkowski, Director Emeritus, Photography, MoMA
“It would be difficult to imagine a world according to David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Juergen Teller or Sofia Coppola without the world according to William Eggleston.” – The Observer
These are dramatic statements that bear further discussion. But Eggleston’s is important work and well worth becoming better acquainted with.
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Syl Arena – Lessons I Didn't Learn in Photo School

Syl Arena recently wrote a great guest blog entry on Scott Kelby’s PhotoshopInsider.com. The topics list alone is a good touchstone. If you know this stuff, it’s a nice reminder. If you don’t know this stuff, you need to. It’s good food for thought.
1. If you can’t be remarkable, be memorable.
2. You are NOT defined by your photo gear or your computer’s operating system.
3. Powerful photographs touch people at a depth they don’t anticipate.
4. You have to let your images go out into the world without you.
5. Cross-pollinate with photographers and other creatives.
6. Photography slices time. Photography gathers time.
7. Learning to create photographs that “look” like your world should be only a milestone – not the destination.
8. “Coopetition” is a new business model that’s here to stay.
9. Wars have been fought to protect your copyrights.
10. Your photographs have value. Don’t give them away.
11. Your photographs have value. Give them away.
12. Resist the temptation to become a pro photographer.
Read the rest of the post here.
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And stay tuned for more. Syl actually wrote 48 topics, which he plans to follow up on.

Maggie Taylor and Jerry Uelsmann – Just Suppose

“There’s nothing more exciting for an artist than an exhibition showcasing new work, unless that show also features the work of an equally acclaimed and beloved spouse. Such is the story of photographer Jerry Uelsmann and artist Maggie Taylor at their recent “Just Suppose” exhibition at the University Gallery, University of Florida (UF), Gainesville, Fla.
Although the content of their art has a similar ethereal quality, both have very different approaches. Jerry Uelsmann rose to fame in the 60’s and 70’s as a master black-and-white printer creating composite images with multiple enlargers and long hours in the traditional darkroom. In contrast, Maggie Taylor produces her dreamlike color images by scanning objects into a computer using a flatbed scanner, manipulating the images with Adobe Photoshop, and printing them in a digital workflow using Epson Stylus Pro printers.”
Find out more about the production of their new work for this exhibit here.
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Epson's Dan Steinhardt On Photoshop Insider

Dan “Dano” Steinhardt, industry veteran, a driving force behind Epson shares his personal journey in and insights on photography on Scott Kelby’s blog Photoshop Insider.
“I travel a lot in my job. I also have the incredible honor to work with the some of the most well-known photographers on the planet. One of those legends is Jay Maisel who has become my new mentor. With all my business travel I took Jay’s advice, “Carry the camera because without it, it’s really tough to take pictures.” In the process I essentially returned to my roots of street photography versus the comfort and control of the studio”
“In the end it’s really not about exotic travel but about seeing the exotic that is all around us. In the past few years virtually all of my images have been captured, literally, between meetings.”
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