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Hubble Site contains a gallery of images harvested from the famous telescope for over 20 years. Images are free to download in a variety of sizes. You’ll also find out how color is added to each of the images, which are originally captured in black and white.”

MulticolrSearchLab-FlickrIdee’s MultiColr Search Lab lets you search over 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr by color using their visual similarity technology.

Learn more in this video. Then try it!

Tag Galaxy offers an interactive way to search Flickr visually.


1    Type a tag and a galaxy of related tags will appear as orbiting planets.
TagGalaxy2 2    Click on a planet and images will be assembled in an interactive orb.
GalaxyTag3 3    Click on an image to see the whole image with title.
GalaxyTag4 4    Click again on the image to learn detailed information about it.
GalaxyTag5 5    Click Flickr Page to go to the source file and see comments and more.


Visually find images on Flickr and connections between them with Tag Galaxy.

Try it now!

See my Namibia and Antarctica galleries on Flickr here.
Stay tuned for more.

How many people were born today?
How many people died?
What’s the world population? (It’s climbing at faster than a person a second.)

How many species have become extinct so far this year? (22,212 and counting.)

How many days to the end of gas or coal?

How much is spent on health, education, and military? (It’s in that order.)

How much food and water was consumed?

Find these answers and more here.


Canon online education provides two great sources of information.
Canon Europe’s Professional Network.
Canon USA’s Digital Learning Center.


Last night during an inspiring evening at Photoshop World’s Fine Art of Digital panel I announced my new website It’s got information on my project including …

an upcoming workshop

a traveling exhibit

a book

4 different galleries.

There’s much more to come!

A blog.

Important facts on the region

Google maps

An Antarctica alumni group exhibit

Stay tuned to my blog and my free enews Insights for new announcements.

Get a full list of Photoshop World cobloggers here …

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