Exhibit / Open Studio – New Work 2015 – Aug 1 & 2


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John Paul Caponigro’s Exhibit | Open Studio | New Work 2015 is open to the public for one weekend only – August 1st and 2nd from 10 am to 5 pm with gallery talks by the artist at 2 pm. (Afterward, visits by appointment are available.)

Be among the first to see new works from artist John Paul Caponigro’s classic series Alignment, where lines drawn into natural environments draw the viewer into closer alignment with nature. Ranging from petroglyphs to walking paths, a variety of pan-cultural interactions with land are celebrated. Made on five continents – Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Antarctica – they offer a truly global perspective. Environmental art in virtual space, these altered images are land art produced without altering the land. The artist’s visionary landscapes drawn from and for the mind’s eye heighten our physical, emotional and spiritual connections to nature.

Also on display are a wide variety of related studies including drawings, paintings, iPhone sketches, appropriated satellite imagery, time-lapse videos and more.

This is a rare opportunity to view the artist’s new work presented in his own private studio / gallery. Come enjoy prints, drawings, paintings, books, and conversations with the artist during this very special event. Many of these items have never been seen before and some are often not made public.

For more information including previews, reviews, statements, audio, video, and presskit email info@johnpaulcaponigro.com.

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You're Invited ! – Annual Open Studio Exhibit – 7/31-8/1

You’re invited! Come visit my annual open studio event July 31 – August 1 from 10-5. Gallery talks are at 2.
It’s been one of my most prolific years to date. Producing more than one hundred new images, four bodies of work, in progress for ten years, have been brought to completion. The results are surprising, even for me.
Three new books featuring this work have been released – Reflection, Condensation, and Correspondence – which you can preview and purchase online.
Also on hand will be my playful iPhone photo sketches, some of which are featured in my column on the Huffington Post. I’ll even take, process, and transmit some during my daily artist’s talks at 2 pm.
Come enjoy prints, books, web galleries, performances and conversations during this very special event.
Click here for more information including directions, previews, reviews, statements, audio, video, and press kit.

On Press – Banding

We’ve been finishing the last prints for my annual open studio exhibit where I unveil New Work from 2008 for the first time. We ran into subtle banding in a few prints. So how do we trouble shoot it?
First check the file at 100% screen magnification. If it’s in the file add a touch of noise. If you need to use more noise than you’d like, use Noiseware afterwards.
Second check the printer. Is the data transfer fast enough? (Don’t perform other calculation intensive operations while printing. Close other programs if necessary. Make sure your cable connection isn’t too slow or too long.) Are the heads aligned? Are you sure it’s banding and not nozzle clog? (Nozzle clogs are tiny light lines. Banding is dark lines, often thick with soft edges.) Are you printing at high speed? (Try printing it slower.)
Third, as a last resort, rotate the image 90 degrees and try printing it again. Huh? Right! Many of my files are particularly difficult to print – semi-neutral fields with very smooth gradations. These types of images display incompatibilities with printer drivers and their screening frequencies that just don’t happen in most images. It has to do with screening frequencies. Why does rotation help? I don’t have an explanation for it. But it works.
Hopefully all of this will help you with your prints.
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