Blurb for Good – Make a book. Make a difference.

Individuals, non-profits, and organizations of every size and stripe have raised awareness and funds for their causes with Blurb books.
You’ll enjoy many benefits when you join Blurb for Good.
An easy solution
No big budgets or massive production needed. Your expenses are merely the cost of a book, that’s it. We take care of the rest and give you everything you need to create, promote, and sell your book for your cause.
Fundraising mojo
Our Set Your Price program lets you name your book’s price and keep 100% of the profit for your cause. We do all the bookwork, from fulfilling orders to tracking donations and proceeds, to cutting checks and sending them your way. You’ll also get detailed revenue reports, including stats on books sold and the number of visits to your book detail page.
Contributions from Blurb
If you qualify, we’ll even pitch in with a charitable contribution for every book you sell. Simply apply to our charitable contributions program and we’ll pitch in with $1 for every book sold.
High visibility
Get the word out with free promotion tools like Blurb BookShow™, our new book preview widget, and Blurb book badges. Put your book in our Blurb for Good bookstore. And be eligible for our Staff Picks, features in our blog, and shout-outs on Blurb’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
A lot of flexibility
Print on demand means we print to order, one by one. No waste, no warehousing. Discounts to you start at orders of ten or more books. And if you’re thinking books by the hundreds, we can do offset printing for even better economies of scale.
So do some good and join Blurb for Good.
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Blurb's BookSmart – 10 Tricks to Impress Your Friends and Confound Your Enemies

Looking for tips on how to use Blurb’s BookSmart software?
Chad Jennings provides useful tips on the Blurberrati blog.
Find 10 Tricks to Impress Your Friends and Confound Your Enemies here.
– Drag and Drop Images from Your Desktop
– Drag and Drop Images to a Page Thumbnail
– Hide Used Images
– Use Arrows to Nudge an Image
– Use Keyboard Shortcuts and Right-Click Menus
– Turn off Text Auto-Zoom
– “Copy and Paste Page Layout” is Your New Best Friend
– Paste Text to Match Style
– Save Headers and Footers Until Last
– How to be Considered for Staff Picks
Find 3 more tips in his updated post here.
– Lock Your Spreads Together
– Hang Your Virtual Shingle
– Show Unused Photos
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Covers – People Do Judge Books By Them

One of the most important decisions you can make when you create a photo book is choosing an image for the cover. Choose cover images wisely. People do judge books by their covers. Images that tend to work best for covers share one or more common traits. They have strong graphic appeal. Bold color is a plus; it attracts a lot of attention. Images that tell a story draw people in; the more pieces of the puzzle they fill in the better. The format of the image fits easily within the proportion of the book; extreme panoramas (vertical or horizontal) rarely work well, unless the book’s format is also panoramic.
You don’t have to use the full image on a cover. Sometimes, cropping a cover image works well. This works best with full bleeds.
Usually, the cover image is repeated inside the book. It’s not uncommon for it to be the first or last image in the book, as these are the most prominent an memorable positions – except, of course, the cover.
The image you select for the cover of a book should be one of the strongest and most memorable images included in the book.
The cover of a book makes a first impression. Everything else is compared to it. And when the book is closed, you return to the cover. When is put down, what you see is the cover. Covers make a lasting impression.
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