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Understanding color psychology will help you use its powerful effects to communicate more effectively.


1. What In The World Is Color Psychology 

2. All The Symbols The Rainbow Contains

3. All The Words Of The Rainbow 

Find the words to describe that color or figure out what that word means.

4. Red 

5. Blue

6. Yellow

7. Orange 

8. Green 

9. Indigo

10. Violet

11. Brown

12. White 

13. Gray

14. Black

15. The Colors Of The Seasons | Coming

16. Color Psychology Test – Luscher

17. Color Psychology Test – Color Personality Test 

18. Color Psychology Test – Cymbolism

19. 3 Great Books On Color Psychology 

20. How To Make Color Psychology Your Own 


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How Gray is Gray?


In the vernacular the phrase “black and white” can be used to describe definitive answers, while the use of the phrase “gray areas” often means an area defies easy definition making it difficult to draw hard and fast lines.
While there is a general consensus as to what constitutes the colors black, white and gray, opinions vary significantly when it comes to identifying absolute blacks, whites, and grays.
Which of these colors is absolutely neutral? Which are warmer than neutral? Which are cooler than neutral? All of them are nearly neutral when compared to fully saturated colors. More importantly, which colors do you prefer? Which colors would most enhance the images you are producing?
It ‘s helpful to sensitize yourself to these many possibilities and to identify your personal preferences.
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