Epson Focal Points

Find out what Bambi Cantrell, John Paul Caponigro, Douglas Dubler, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Steve McCurry, and Jeff Schewe have to say about the Epson Stylus Pro 900 Series printers. You’ll hear personal stories and real world case studies of how these printers are making the best prints possible.
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By the way, the videos were produced by Epson’s Dan Steinhardt and the same team that produces Acme Educational DVDs – Vincent Versace and Mark Vanocur,
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Epson's Dan Steinhardt On Photoshop Insider

Dan “Dano” Steinhardt, industry veteran, a driving force behind Epson shares his personal journey in and insights on photography on Scott Kelby’s blog Photoshop Insider.
“I travel a lot in my job. I also have the incredible honor to work with the some of the most well-known photographers on the planet. One of those legends is Jay Maisel who has become my new mentor. With all my business travel I took Jay’s advice, “Carry the camera because without it, it’s really tough to take pictures.” In the process I essentially returned to my roots of street photography versus the comfort and control of the studio”
“In the end it’s really not about exotic travel but about seeing the exotic that is all around us. In the past few years virtually all of my images have been captured, literally, between meetings.”
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Timothy Whelan Books

So what do you do to wrap up a workshop week like this? You don’t! It never ends! We talked creativity. It was an insightful two hours.
Then Jay Maisel, Greg Heisler and I grabbed a bite to eat and went to Timothy Whelan’s book store (Rockport, Maine). And did some damage.
What did we get? Check the photos for our purchases.
Tim is an unsung hero in the photographic community. This monument of a man is nothing short of cherubic. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. His tiny space is packed with gems – the latest releases, signed first editions, and original prints. You can’t imagine how many of the photographic greats stop into his tiny store.
He’s offline now. (I’m encouraging him to go back online.) so if you want to contact him call 207-236-4795. He can get you almost anything you’re looking for. And there’s no better place to get it.
As I was leaving photographer Norman Mauskopf summed it up, “This is how you wrap up a week. It doesn’t matter how you get here, as long as you get here.”
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