Learn to Earn


Learn to earn. The more you know the more opportunities lie before you. The more you know the more productive you are. The more you know the better your product becomes. The more you know the more valuable you are. Investing in your knowledge base and skill set is the best investment you can make. Make time to learn. Learn after you wake up. Get up early and spend an hour inspiring yourself and satisfying your curiosity. Continue learning by doing new things during the day. Learn before you go to sleep. Go to bed early and read or watch educational enriching material. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers suggests it takes 10,000 hours to become a master in a given field. You can’t make10,000 hours go faster, or pass them without interruption, but you can get to there one hour at a time. And you don’t have to spend 10,000 hours to see immediate benefits. Sometimes all it takes to transform ordinary into extraordinary is one good idea. But that one good idea won’t find you. You’ve got to find it. Make time to explore the hidden potentials in any situation and in yourself. Make time to learn. You’ll start earning immediately.
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