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I share many ways to make the most of your travels including Research, Packing, Storytelling, and Journalling.
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I Use – LowePro Camera Bags

Nevermind what’s in my bag. What is my bag? It depends on the situation.
Often. I walk into the field completely unencumbered with a single camera and lens. But the rest of my gear is back in the car ready and accessible.
When I know that I’m going for a slightly longer walk and I only need one extra lens I’ll use my LowePro Top Load bag. It’s light and lean!
For longer walks, where I may need access to all of my gear. I use Lowepro Mini Trekker. It’s light and comfortable. And, it’s got wheels for the airport.
When I’m traveling with multiple camera bodies, I use my Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. It’s got wheels too! It’s big but still fits under an airplane seat or in an overhead bin. I don’t check my camera gear. I always carry it. I prefer not to take long walks with this much gear, so I often take a second bag with me if I’ve got this much gear.
Finally, when I’m on the water I use my waterproof Lowepro DryZone bag. (I heard this model served as a flotation device for one photographer in polar waters. No, it’s not urban legend – but don’t test this.)
Bags? They’re more than fashion. Protection. Ease of use. Comfort. They’re all important.
What do you carry your camera(s) in?
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