Syl Arena – Lessons I Didn't Learn in Photo School

Syl Arena recently wrote a great guest blog entry on Scott Kelby’s The topics list alone is a good touchstone. If you know this stuff, it’s a nice reminder. If you don’t know this stuff, you need to. It’s good food for thought.
1. If you can’t be remarkable, be memorable.
2. You are NOT defined by your photo gear or your computer’s operating system.
3. Powerful photographs touch people at a depth they don’t anticipate.
4. You have to let your images go out into the world without you.
5. Cross-pollinate with photographers and other creatives.
6. Photography slices time. Photography gathers time.
7. Learning to create photographs that “look” like your world should be only a milestone – not the destination.
8. “Coopetition” is a new business model that’s here to stay.
9. Wars have been fought to protect your copyrights.
10. Your photographs have value. Don’t give them away.
11. Your photographs have value. Give them away.
12. Resist the temptation to become a pro photographer.
Read the rest of the post here.
Check out more from Syl at Pixsylated.
And stay tuned for more. Syl actually wrote 48 topics, which he plans to follow up on.

10 Tips for Photoshop World @ PyxSYLated

Sil Arena (Pixsylated) offers 10 tips for making the most of Photoshop World.
1. Rest up before you go
2. Plan each day and then be ready to change your plan
3. Wear comfortable shoes
4. Get to your sessions very early
5. Forget about taking notes
6. Carry water, food & clothing
7. Bring a backpack or messenger bag
8. Make new friends & rendezvous with old ones
9. Bring a fat wallet or a big credit card
10. Leave your ego at home
Get full details on each item and Bonus tips and Extra Credit at Pysylated.
For instance, did you know that in addition to the regularly scheduled seminars, special sessions and interviews are scheduled on the trade show floor?
Download Dave Cross’ PDF on what he plans to attend. Then make your own!
Check out all the sessions here.
Past seminars I’ve attended that rock include …
T    10:45-11:45    Jack Davis         Automating Everything – ACR & Actions
T    6:15-7:15        Deke McClelland        The Art of Sharpening
F    10:45-11:45    Jeff Schewe        Real World CS3 Camera Raw
F    12-1               Ben Willmore      High Dynamic Range Imagery
S    2:15-3:15        Jeff Schewe        Lightroom to Photoshop to Lightroom
Photoshop World Las Vegas starts September 4-6.
Find out more here.
I’m presenting …
W    1-5        Epson Print Academy Precon
(Rodney, Schewe, Caponigro)
F    7-9        The Art of Photoshop
(Caponigro, DiVitale, Glyda, Maisel, McNally, Peterson)
S    11-12    Painting With Light – 21st Century Dodging and Burning
S    1-2        The Power of Color
Which sessions have you attended and liked?
Which sessions are you most looking forward too?
Comment here!

Amazon Prime – PixSylated Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from a great blog run by a friend of mine Syl Arena.
“For a $79 annual fee, Amazon Prime provides unlimited free 2-day shipping. An upgrade to overnight delivery is just $3.99 per item. You can get a free, 30-day trial to Amazon Prime by clicking here. I’ve found that Amazon’s prices are very competitive on all kinds of photo gear and printing supplies – especially when shipping charges are figured in.
There are two keys to happiness with Amazon Prime. The first key to happiness with Amazon Prime is making sure that the item is in stock and sold by Amazon. The second key to happiness with Amazon Prime, if you need it tomorrow, is check to see that there’s still time to get it shipped today.”
Syl uses a real world example of needing ink fast and gives all the details in his post. Check out the rest of Syl’s post here. And check out PixSylated on a regular basis.
I use Amazon’s AStore to let people know what books and products I recommend. You can find it here.