Contact Sheet – California, Point Lobos


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I had an intense session at Point Lobos, California recently. I was in an emotional state, reviewing the past, connecting ideas, letting some things go. That quality got into these images. Sure, I was working at understanding composition better, but I think it’s the emotional quality that makes these images strong. It was a great reminder of how important it is to be present (really truly present) when you’re making art.

Half these images won’t make the final cut. And I’ll want to return to this subject (if not location) to develop this set further. And yet, there are a few real keepers here, not just single images but also a whole new set of images.

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Only 2 Spaces Left In My Point Lobos Boutique Workshop

Just days ago I offered a new really intimate workshop format for only 4 people – semi-private. For 3 intense days, we’ll move as one – staying in the same location, sharing all meals, traveling, photographing, and making images together. I’m centering the location at Point Lobos, California (and the nearby coastline down to Big Sur), an area made famous by so many photographers (including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston), which I’ve know very well since I was a child. Great local accommodations, photography galleries, photographers, food and wine will make the experience even richer. (The price is all inclusive.)
The first session sold out in 2 hours, so I scheduled a second, in which there are only 2 spaces left.
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