Looking for information on how to price licensing and assignment work?
PhotoQuote Pro is the software I use.

“When someone wants to use one of your photos, you don’t need a number pulled out of a hat, you need help to get paid fairly for your work. You need fotoQuote, the industry standard photo pricing guide for stock and assignment photography.

FotoQuote is the only source of photo pricing information for photographers that includes powerful coaching help for every category. FotoQuote not only helps you come up with a fair price for your image license, but it also gives you the negotiation information you need to help you close the sale.

FotoQuote Pro 6 has just been released and it’s our biggest upgrade in the almost twenty years since the original version of our photo pricing calculator was written. We’ve added 86 new categories bringing the total to 304. The new version now includes both still and video stock footage categories, assignment pricing, thumbnails, international currency and much more.”

Learn more about PhotoQuote here.

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Learn more in my Digital Printing and Pro Portfolio workshops.

OnOne Free Plug Ins

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Get 20% off OnOne products with this code – PRINT20 !

OnOne offers free Plug-Ins.

You can add professional photographic effects, frames and backgrounds in Photoshop with just a few clicks with PhotoTools 2.5 Free Edition and PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition from onOne. You can also download free Lightroom Presets and Camera Raw Presets to speed up your workflow and instantly add effects. These products are yours to keep (they don’t expire) and will save you hours of time enhancing images in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Learn more about OnOne here.
Learn more in my digital photography workshops.

Nik Radio

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Visit Nik Radio and listen to advice and inspiration from top pros using Nik software; the growing list of offerings includes Tony Corbel, Moose Peterson, Rick Sammon, Tony Sweet, Vincent Versace, and many others.

Want more inspiration?

Read selections from 42 conversations with photographers here.

Carter Emmart offers an inspiring perspective on how we see our home.

Acme Educational has worked out a deal with onOne Software. You will get 20% off any purchase at ononesoftware.com by using the coupon code ACME. This includes FocalPoint, Genuine Fractals, Mask Pro, and everything else onOne makes.

Do you use OnOne software? Tell us what you think here. Comment!

Check out On One here.
Check out Acme Educational DVDs here.
Check out my Acme Educational DVDs here.

Lightroom 2

August 12, 2008 | Leave a Comment |

Lightroom 2 shipped July 29.
Key features are …

– Regional Adjustments (now you can apply adjustments selectively)
– Graduated Filters
– Output Sharpening
– 16 Bit Printing
– Suggested Keywords
– Smart Collections
– Open LR adjusted files in Photoshop as Smart Objects

And many excellent improvements to existing features.

Lightroom 2 for new users is $299. Upgrades from Lightroom 1 are $99.

Get it here.

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