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  • There are many reasons Scott is the number one selling Photoshop author of all time. He’s got a winning formula. Scott’s brilliant at chunking information into easily digestable pieces. His books are fast informative reads. Oh, and have you noticed the images keep getting better every year?

  • Could you comment on why Lightroom is the wave of the future – or of the now as the case may be?
    I’ve got my copy, but haven’t installed it yet and have been making do with bridge…

  • I hardly go into PS anymore. LR 2.0 does so much more for a photographer then PS does. PS is it when working on a single images but LR allows one to edit, develop, export/post images on-line, create slide shows etc. Plus third party modules/pluggins are really powerful in LR.

  • David

    I ordered the book a month ago, still no delivery. I’ve had to use other books/sources to get to a place where I can use Lightroom. I keep watching for the book, but it shows that it’still on ‘pre-order’, kinda frustrating. I can’t find any reference for when it’s going t ship, any idea when it’s really going to start shipping?? Seems like a lot of hype so far for something that’s not available.

  • Sylvia

    Today (Aug 31) Amazon lists Sept. 21 as the ship date.
    Kelby has an excellent track record, so there’s reason to assume this one will be as good as the past ones, including the one for Lightroom 1.x.


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