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Get this amazing deal here!

The Photoshop Guys at NAPP put together 20 new videos on Photoshop CS6.

They’re all free!

View them here.

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You’ll find 12 helpful videos to inform you about Lightroom’s latest evolution at NAPP’s Adobe Lightroom 4 Lightroom Launch Center.

Topics covered include … Video – Photobooks – Maps – Enhancements – Develop – Print Module – Softproofing – Selective – DNG – Email … and more.

It’s all free!

As always, Kelby and Koslowski make learning easy and fun.

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What’s New In Lightroom 4 Beta – Julianne Kost

Lightroom 4 Beta Launch Center – NAPP

Lightroom 4 Public Beta – What’s In It? – Colin Smith 

What’s New In Lightroom 4 – Terry White

A Kitchen Table Overview of LR$ – Michael Reichmann

Find more Lightroom videos here.

As a fine artist, I advance my career with personal projects. Personal projects also create a clearer direction for and develop greater meaning in my life. My life would be unfulfilled without them

You don’t need to have a fine art career to benefit from personal projects. Many commercial photographers find personal projects reenergize them, add purpose to their lives and quite often lead to new assignments or whole new streams of income. Many amateurs, making images purely for the love of doing it, find greater satisfaction and personal growth through personal projects.

As an artist who mentors other artists in workshops and seminars, I’ve often been called to speak about the importance of personal projects; how to find them, start them, develop them, complete them, present them, and promote them.

Here’s an overview of what I share.

Personal Projects

Defining a project is one of the single best ways to develop your body of work. When you define a project you focus, set goals, set quotas, set timelines, create a useful structure for your images, collect accompanying materials, and polish the presentation of your efforts so that they will be well received.

Focusing your efforts into a project will help you produce a useful product. A project gives your work a definite, presentable structure. A finished project makes work more useful and accessible. Once your project is done, your work will have a significantly greater likelihood of seeing the light of day. Who knows, public acclaim may follow. Come what may, your satisfaction is guaranteed …

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