What Is This?

July 31, 2008 | 8 Comments |

What is This?

It’s a part of my Annual Exhibit 8/2-3.

Click your browser’s refresh button until you find the image in the top right corner of my blog.

Find out more in an upcoming post.

You can see my Annual Exhibit in person 8/2-3. Find out more here.

Stay tuned for online releases all weekend long.

What do you think this is? Comment here!

  • Greg Barnett

    Cool! Looks like you’re really going down a new path with projected work.

    Best wishes for the opening, sorry we’re missing it.


  • I’ll miss you both! It would be great to see you both tossing flour in the air. Laughing of course. Rain check?

  • Amy Wilson

    They are stills of a “video” of a projection of painted light…

  • Ah if only I could see your work in person, alas I live too far away.

    Is it a moon halo while moving the camera with an open shutter to get the blurred effect?

  • Greg Barnett

    Absolutely on the rain check!

    Have you thought about trying a smoke machine? Could be pretty interesting with swirling/changing variations on the images.

  • ep

    aurora borealis?

  • Pat Lawrence

    The images look to me like variations of a lightbulb with lighting accenting various components. Clever use of light on a very ordinary subject to make interesting artwork.

  • mikel athon

    looks like a shot of the moon with a halo around it.regardless,inspirational,and it draws my eyes into the abyss.
    malama photography


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