Top 12 Photographs By Paul Caponigro

01_paulcaponigro 02_paulcaponigro 03_paulcaponigro 04_paulcaponigro 05_paulcaponigro 06_paulcaponigro 07_paulcaponigro 08_paulcaponigro 09_paulcaponigro 10_paulcaponigro 11_paulcaponigro 12_paulcaponigro Paul Caponigro, Inner Trilithon, Sunrise, Stonehenge, 1970, Gela
This is a selection of my picks of my father’s top 12 images.
This doesn’t reflect sales, publication, or web views.
It simply reflects my opinion.
It’s challenging to choose so few images – but it’s insightful.
Try it with your own images or artists’ work that influences you.

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  • Terry Henson

    09.12.2019 at 04:35 Reply

    Amazing work.

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