Why Make Prints ?


This is an excerpt from my article on Digital Photo Pro.

Why Make Prints ?
Making prints does so many things for your images. How many things? Let me count the ways …
They’re …
Prints enhance your images with material qualities and the associations they bring with them.
Prints define the scale of your images.
Historically, it’s the images that were printed that survived.
Because they’re physical, prints are easily bought and sold.
Images in print are more rare, as well as less accessible.
Prints encourage images to be viewed in different ways.
What Making Prints Can Do For You
When you make a print, you consider your images more carefully for a longer period of time and often multiple times. This adds up. It’s quite likely that along the way you’ll find many ways to improve your images. Repeat this process many times, and you’ll find that your vision as a whole will improve.
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