Exploring Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park


Jose Senna

While Maine’s Acadia National Park is one of the most visited parks in the nation, most visitors don’t make it up to the lesser known Schoodic peninsula (about an hour and half away from Bar Harbor by road, less by boat).
During my Fall Foliage workshop we immersed ourselves in this enchanting location for two days, staying at the Schoodic Institute.

Balachandar Venkatesan


Woody Stone


Scott Tansey


Thomas Barothy


Kathy Bristor


Al DeValle


Barbara Wrubel


Mike Buffis


Sherry Teefey


Bill Mauzy

Now that you’ve seen participants’ impressions in images read what they shared in words.

“The best about Schoodic Point was experiencing mother nature driving and walking along the one-way park road loop. There are so many things to see: the cliffs, rocks and boulders along the cost line are spectacular and I especially enjoyed the vibrant colors and the ever changing landscape.”
– Thomas Barothy
“For me, Schoodic provided a wonderful escape from the relatively crowded Mt. Desert Island portion of Acadia NP. I loved the isolation and the varied coastline. The mysterious character of the fog on Thursday morning was the highlight of my week in Maine.”
Woody Stone
“My time at Schoodic Point challenged me to broaden my boundaries beyond the expansive coastal landscape. I found myself surrounded with intimate details from the whimsical pattern of feathers in a still pool of water to the dancing rhythm as sea meets the land to the soft details of a wildflower. I was engaged throughout my journey by all that Schoodic has to offer.”
Michael Buffis
“I found Schoodic to be quiet, beautiful and dramatic at the same time.
I enjoyed the landscape, seascapes and rockscapes.
I liked the quiet and isolation at Schoodic.”
Scott Tansey
“The best thing about Schoodic Point was experiencing mother nature. Driving and walking along the one-way park road loop, there are so many things to see – the cliffs, rocks and boulders, the coastline – all are spectacular. I especially enjoyed the vibrant colors and the ever changing landscape.”
Jose Senna
“Schoodic was both brooding yet enthralling. The remoteness and raw beauty captured my attention. The pond near the sea was magical; ancient and twisted beautiful trees. It drew me in trying to capture the moment. I will not forget. I will be back.”
Sherry Teefey
“Schoodic was wild and deserted masterpiece of nature. I loved the rock formations and the ghostly islands that showed through the fog. I was especially moved and inspired by the world that was revealed at low tide, when kelp, rocks and tide pools revealed themselves as beautiful still life arrangements.”
Kathy Bristor
“Fog horn
Pine scent on morning breeze
— an old friend.”
Bill Mauzy

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