What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see red?

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Psychologically red is the warmest color. Red-colored rooms feel 10 degrees warmer than they measure. It is a symbol of energy, power, and vitality. It is highly active, it quickens the pulse, arouses and motivates. It’s physical and sensual. It evokes intense passions – love and anger. Mythologically it is linked with Mars, the god of war, whose name was later given to the red planet. Red is the most eye-catching color.  It is often a sign of danger, used in emergency equipment, warning signs, and hazard alerts. Stop! In recent history, it has become associated with revolution, socialism, and leftist tendencies. Pink is a subtler expression of red working in a more understated way associated with rejuvenation and youth.

Classic images
sun rising and setting
red cross

red alert …
I see red …
painting the town red …
red-blooded male …
in the red …
red letter day …

brick, blood, blush, burgundy, carmine, cinnabar, crimson, fire engine, flame, garnet, madder, rose, rouge, ruby, rust, russet, scarlet, tomato, vermillion

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