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Yellow is the color of our sun. Perhaps because it reflects the most light back of any color, it is one of the most energetic colors. It’s warm but not hot. Uplifting and light-hearted, it is highly active and almost unable to be still. It carries connotations of speed, dexterity, the ability to juggle or multi-task. It’s negative qualities include superficiality, an inability to penetrate below the surface preferring only to skim the surface before moving on, impatience, nervousness, and fear. Yellow ribbons are often worn as a sign of hope for those waiting for loved ones to return, often from war. Because it is so eye-catching, it is sometimes used for hazard signs and emergency vehicles, which creates an association between yellow and danger, although not as dangerous as red. Mythologically it is associated with Apollo, god of light and knowledge, and so is linked with the divine and the intellectual. Its metallic form, gold, known for its inertness and permanence, carries an exalted status above all other colors.

Classic images
yellow brick road
city of gold

golden mean
golden child
mellow yellow
yellow ribbon
yellow bellied
yellow journalism

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