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Green is the color of the vegetal world. It is a symbol of life, health, fertility, fruition and growth. Green heralds the coming and going of seasons. It is linked with renewal and regeneration. As a color that moves through many stages, green is a harmonizer blending many qualities, youth and old age, hope and experience, enthusiasm and pragmatism. Negative associations with green include immaturity, naivete, and envy. It’s challenging to form consensus on whether green is a warm or cool color. In the middle of the two poles it connotes balance, harmony, and stability. ‘Green rooms’ are rooms near a stage where performers relax. The calming effect of green is often used in hospitals. Green is associated with matriarchal fertility goddesses in countless ancient cultures. Green is considered the color of enchantment. Depending on religious orientation, green can be seen either as lucky or unlucky.

Classic images

green thumb
greener pastures
green light
green back
green around the gills
green with envy
green eyed monster

apple, aquamarine, bottle, chartreuse, grass, emerald, forest, jade, kelly, leaf, lime, mint, moss, olive, pea, pine, sage, sap, sea, seafoam, spring, viridian

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