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Indigo is associated with infinite depths of space, both outer and inner. The conscious (intellect) and the subconscious (dreams) are united in this one color. Indigo is highly contemplative in nature leading to freedom of thought and immersion into unknown mysteries. A mind-expanding color, it suggests initiation into new states of consciousness and the growth of greater awareness, even contact with higher orders of knowledge and the collective unconscious. From both the heights and depths it achieves broader perspectives and bigger pictures are seen. Indigo encourages the shedding of unnecessary baggage (physical or emotional), the facing of fears or anything that holds us back (attitudes, beliefs, circumstances, communities), the conquering of weaknesses, resolution of imperfections, breaking free, and moving on. It’s reflective and limitlessly calm. In excess, indigo can generate feelings of self-absorption, excessive sentimentality, or even soporific depression.

Classic images
midnight sky
squid ink
blood in veins

deep blue
black and blue
after midnight
midnight oil

azure, blueberry, deep, midnight, navy, Prussian blue, ultramarine

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