What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see white?

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White can be seen as the sum of all things. Composed of all colors within the spectrum it is neutral and reflects most or all of the light it receives. Since light is white, white is associated with enlightenment. Connotations of the divine and the spiritual follow. So do associations of purity and innocence. White is seen as clean and clear and fresh. It is either new or renewed. The afterlife is pictured positively as white or negatively as black. White can be seen as above it all, distant, formal, clinical, dispassionate, and stark. More shades of white are available commercially than any other color.

Classic Images
snow and ice
brides dress
white linens

white as a sheet
white flag
white lie
white elephant
pearly whites
white lightning
white knuckle
white knight
white out


alabaster, albino, allysum, antique, bone, bright, brilliant, chalk, chantilly, chiffon, cloud, coconut, cotton, daisy, dove, eggshell, gesso, ghost, putty, hoary, isabelline lead, lace, lily, linen, lucent, milk, mother of pearl, parchment, pearl, porcelain, powder, pure, salt, snow, swan, star, titanium, vanilla, whisper, winter

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