Photoshop World Highlight – The Fine Art of Digital Evening

This evening is always one of the highlights of the event for me. We show our images and talk about how and why we made them. Nothing inspires me more than to hear top notch creatives talk about their process and passion. The images each individual makes, the ways they work, and the kinds of words they use to both are unique. That makes the total combination uniquely revealing. Tonight Jim DiVitale, Joe Glyda, Julianne Kost, John Paul Caponigro, Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, Moose Peterson all showed wonderful work and shared invaluable insights. Every time, every individual shows something different. It’s two hours of nonstop visual fireworks and inspiration. It’s a rare moment indeed. My advice? Sieze every chance you can to see and hear what other creatives are doing. Nothing is more inspirational.
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Corey Barker
John Paul Caponigro
RC Concepcion
Dave Cross
Laurie Excell
Martin Evening
Scott Kelby
Matt Koslowski
Deke McClelland
Joe McNally
John Nack
Moose Peterson
Jeff Schewe
Colin Smith
Ben Willmore
David Ziser


  • rick sammon

    07.09.2008 at 17:15 Reply

    Only one thing would stop me from seeing these pros in action,the Beatles. Well, that is exactly what happened, as I was at LOVE in Vegas that night. All of these pros are truly inspirational!!!!!

  • Ed Pflager

    07.09.2008 at 23:55 Reply

    It was an awesome panel. The highlight for me was Jay Maisel’s slideshow entitled Bearing Witness. He introduced the segment by telling us it was the first time he had shown these images publicly, and with Sept 11th coming up again, he felt it was an appropriate time to do so. Without any accompanying music, a series of close-up images of individuals reacting to something unseen were displayed. At the end, was an image of the remains of the World Trade Center in NYC. During the entire slideshow, you could have heard a pin drop in a room with several hundred attendees.

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