I’m in Washington DC at Photoshop World 2012 the world’s best Photoshop conference. 3 days, 40 instructors, 100 seminars. You can find my classes here.

Click here to find out more about Photoshop world here.


Russell Brown covers the basics of Smart Object. It’s must know info.

Learn more in my digital printing and digital photography workshops.


It’s Photoshop World at your fingertips! Get instructor and class info. Pick your classes. Create a customized schedule, and never miss a moment of PSW with a built in map, PSW blog reader, Twitter hashtag feeds, and countdown timer to your next event!

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Planning on going to PhotoshopWorld? Haven’t registered yet? Save $100 today.

I’ll be presenting two seminars Friday am Photoshop Color Strategies and Illuminating Creativity plus the Art of Digital panel Thursday pm.

Check out the complete Class Schedule here.



During the keynote of NAPP announced a new free resource to members. H.E.L.P. –  60 second online video tutorials. Need to know how to do something in Photoshop quick? Log on. Go to NAPP. Select and watch a video tutorial. 60 seconds later, you’ve got answers. It’s very powerful. It’s another great reason to be an NAPP member.

Find out more about NAPP here.

Find H.E.L.P. here.

I covered this morning’s keynote highlights live in real time with Twitter and my iPhone.

Read/see my live tweets of  the keynote highlights here.

Coblogging Photoshop World

We’re coblogging again. That is we’re all making posts about highlights of Photoshop World. Some of us will do it daily.

Here’s a list of possible participants.

Corey Barker
John Paul Caponigro
RC Concepcion
Dave Cross

Jim Divitale
Laurie Excell

Richard Harrington
Scott Kelby
Matt Koslowski
Deke McClelland
Joe McNally
John Nack
Moose Peterson
Jeff Schewe
Colin Smith
Ben Willmore
David Ziser

I’ll be presenting two sessions this morning.
The Fine Digital Print 11-12.
Find out what it takes to get the best print quality and much more.
Drawing With Light 1-2.
Find out how to enhance your images with greater control and precision than we’ve ever had before.

Want more information? Check my Acme DVDs and Kelby Training online sessions.

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