Corwin Hiebert and Eileen Rothe, the driving forces behind, just released their first free semi-monthly magazine Memo2Freelancers. This issue features advice on Finding New Clients as well as a profile on freelancer Vanessa Powell.

Download Memo2Freelancers here.

Get more great tips from pros on their blog.

Find out about their Business Action Toolkit here.

At the end/beginning of every year I make plans for the coming year. Doing this consistently has helped me be more personally fulfilled and professionally productive.

Here are five resources that will help you do this too.

1 Make A Bucket List

Identify the actions that are most important to you.

2 Make Plans

Increase your productivity and fulfillment by making a plan.

3 Define A Project

Focus your creative efforts and create an action list to achieve your goals.

4 Developing Personal Projects

Tips on developing, completing, and releasing your personal projects.

 5 Keep Current Projects Visible

Create visual touchstones to help you focus and follow through on projects.

6 Getting Things Done

David Allen wrote the definitive resource on Getting Things Done.

Pay close attention to the section on Mission/Goals/Projects/Actions.

Learn more with my free enews Insights.

There is no definitive guide to selling fine art but this one offers useful advice from diverse perspectives.

“Packed with actionable tips, Selling Fine Art Photography delivers rare insights into what it takes to sell photography in galleries and online. Experts weigh the pros and cons of online versus offline galleries and suggest how to get noticed by each, how to use in-person events and social media to your marketing advantage, and different ways to maximize your website to generate business. This guide provides an in-depth look at how several photographers found their way into the fine art world and determined what can sell, how to price and market their work, and what printing methods serve them best.”

Find Photoshelter’s free guide Selling Find Art Photography here

Michael Freeman, author of the best seller The Photographer’s Eye talks about photography as a profession.

Find out more about Michael Freeman here.


PhotoShelter offers 12 free ebooks on the business of photography – How To Sell Prints, Social Media For Photographers, SEO Cookbook, Email Marketing, Facebook Fan Pages and more.

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Looking for information on how to price licensing and assignment work?

PhotoQuote Pro is the software I use.

Get 10-15% off with this code (upgrades excluded) – JPC0111.

Stock and Assignment Photo Price Guide
“When someone wants to use one of your photos, you don’t need a number pulled out of a hat, you need help to get paid fairly for your work. You need fotoQuote, the industry standard photo pricing guide for stock and assignment photography.

The fotoQuote photo pricing guide is the only source of photo pricing information for photographers that includes powerful coaching help for every category. The fotoQuote price guide not only helps you come up with a fair price for your image license, but it also gives you the negotiation information you need to help you close the sale.”

FotoQuote Pro 6 New Features
New Markets
Over 86 new categories, including 35 video stock footage categories
New Stock Photography Pricing Categories
86 new photo pricing categories, bringing the total to 304
Updated Stock and Assignment Photography Prices
New Coach Information
38 Assignment Coach topics, including tips on breaking into the video market
Redesigned Interface Enhancements
Streamlined interface makes this the easiest to use fotoQuote ever
Quote Packs
Easy Quote Creation with Thumbnails & License by Image
New International Features
New Stock Photo Pricing Coach Information

Everything you need for pricing and negotiating is at your fingertips
Pricing Assignment Photography
With the new and updated Coach categories the Assignment Coach is so full of information that it’s like having a photo pricing seminar built into the program. You also get negotiating suggestions on how to deal with clients …”

Learn more about PhotoQuote here.

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