What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see gray?

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Gray is neutral. It is the equal balance of all hues. Connotations of equilibrium, balance, harmony follow. It can be seen as a stabilizing force involved and accommodating of all perspectives or removed and accepting of none. Gray is inert, stable, and quiet. It is perceived as cerebral and conservative. Gray is associated with old age, experience, wisdom, authority, temperance, dignity, and endurance. Restrained, even inconspicuous, it is considered a color of compromise and sometimes skepticism and indecision. It can be associated with a lack of clarity, foggy, or mystery, misty. Taken to an extreme, it can be seen as a fading away, enervating, withering dematerializing, or dissolution.

Classic Images
gray hair

gray matter
gray hair
gray water

aluminum, ash, charcoal, cove, gunmetal,  lead, iron, metal, mousy, nickle, oyster, pearl, powder, Payne’s, silver, tin, slate

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