Luscher Color Test

The Luscher Color Test was devised by psychologict Max Luscher in 1969. It’s effectiveness has been known in advertising and industry (automotive and fashion) for years. Now you can gain some pracitalc insight into color psychology with this well-known color test – online.
It’s uncanny what this test can reveal (consistently), but remember it’s just a starting point. What’s far more revealing is your unique living relationship with color, which is revealed over time and in a variety of contexts under many influences. Awareness is the key. Use this as food for thought for developing insight into your relationship with color.
Take the test here.
What did the test reveal for you?
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  • jahartford

    29.09.2009 at 15:41 Reply

    Every time I take this test I’m surprised at the colors I choose. I’m also surprised at the accuracy of the test.

  • Kathy Beal

    29.09.2009 at 16:59 Reply

    I think my color choices are pretty consistent (warm to cool) but the results (accurate!) change a little each time…

  • Kathy Beal

    29.09.2009 at 17:02 Reply

    Stress: You have a strong desire to be free and uninhibited but you struggle to restrain these desires and maintain a rational and consistent life-style.
    An artist on one side and an accountant/CFO on the other…stress or balance?

  • bamyva

    30.09.2009 at 00:00 Reply

    Surprisingly accurate but missed on a couple of comments.

  • dougeng

    08.10.2009 at 20:44 Reply

    JP – you may be interested in this TED Talk about color and illusion

  • JohnLDE

    26.06.2011 at 13:11 Reply

    Honestly, disturbingly accurate!

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