Studies With Master Artists In Maine

Photography iphone Maine-8

Kenneth Nolan

Photography iphone Maine-6

Eliot Porter

Photography iphone Maine-2

Alan Bray


Wolf Kahn

Photography iphone Maine-10

Alex Katz

Photography iphone Maine-5

Lois Dodd


Dahlov Ipcar

Wyeth2 copy

Jamie Wyeth

Photography iphone Maine-7

Andrew Wyeth

Photography iphone Maine-4

Louise Nevelson

Photography iphone Maine-9

Eric Hopkins

Photography iphone Maine-1 2

Fairfield Porter

Photography iphone Maine-12

Alan Magee

Photography iphone Maine-11 2

Robert Indiana


Peter Ralston


Paul Caponigro

For years I’ve been photographing postcards of artworks made by master artists in Maine. Each artist has their own strong connection to the same place and their own way of seeing it. Do they find what’s iconic about Maine or do they make it iconic? Photographing images of their works in locations that feel relevant to their works provides a unique way of looking into Maine, what they make of it, and what I make of it.
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  • cheights

    03.10.2019 at 00:00 Reply

    Your playfulness is wonderful.

    • John Paul Caponigro

      03.10.2019 at 14:01 Reply

      Thank you! It’s important to play! Keep the child within alive!

  • Bernie Campoli

    03.10.2019 at 15:58 Reply

    “Maestro” Thank You For Keeping me on your Mailing List,Looking Forward to seeing you in January.

    • John Paul Caponigro

      31.10.2019 at 16:03 Reply

      I’m looking forward to seeing you Explorer!

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