Facebook Group – John Paul Caponigro Alumni

I started a Facebook Group for my workshop and seminar alumni.
If you’re one of my alumni you can use this group to …
Network – Connect and stay in touch.
Learn – Exchange information.
Promote – Grow an audience for your projects.
I use Facebook to stay in touch with people. I let them know what I’m doing. I find out what they’re doing.
My hope is that this group will be useful to you to …
Connect and stay in touch with old friends and make new ones.
Keep learning by exchanging information. If you’ve got questions, chances are someone here has answers. Remember, you always benefit from sharing your knowledge; it grows and becomes deeper when you do. And, you get the satisfaction of being a positive contributor. Pass it forward.
Grow an audience for your projects. Exhibition upcoming? Book published? Website launched or updated? New images? Tell us about it!
You may want to consider posting your images on Facebook carefully. Find out about posting your images on Facebook. There are safe ways to post links on Facebook to your images that are hosted on other sites. Either way, you can share your images here.

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