Photoshelter Survey on Websites

At the Palm Spring Photo Festival, Grover Sanschagrin (Founder, Vice President) of Photoshelter shared great statistics from a recent survey they conducted¬† on website usage. They polled over 550+ photo buyers discussing what they liked/disliked in photographer websites. The focus is heavily oriented to stock photography. While everyone will use the information in different ways, it’s useful for everyone with a website.
71% will leave after 15 seconds
87% want an immediate price
67% like images larger than 700 pixels
40% look at 4-6 galleries , while 21% look at more than 7
77% don’t watch slideshows
98% objected to watermarks (wouldn’t buy those images)(though transparent
Three golden rules for websites?
Make it easy to use.
Make it simple.
Make it memorable.
Check out the survey here.

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