The Art Of Proofing

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Get the best print quality possible with these proofing techniques.


1. Proof – The Art of Proofing
Refinine your proofing process to achieve the best print quality efficiently.

2. Proof – BAT
BAT (bon a tiré) it’s the final proof print.

3. Proof – Bracket Proofing
Bracket proof and get one hundred proofs in one.

4. Proof – Compensate for Scale
Larger images appear lighter than smaller images. It’s an optical effect that affects your prints.

5. Proof – Correcting for Viewing Light
Compensate for discrepancies in profiles and viewing light temperatures.

6. Proof – Full Scale
Proof at full scale to check noise and sharpness.

7. Proof – Light Temperature
Light temperature has a significant effect on exposure, calibration, printing, and display.

8. Proof – Notes
Take good notes so you can retrace your steps precisely.

9. Proof – Prevent Overinking
Set proper ink limit for a substrate and reduce overinking.

10. Proof – Proof Template PSD File
Use this PSD file to make proofs.

11. Proof – A Step-by Step Guide to Using the Proof Template
Steps to using the Proof Template.


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