Two Generations: Paul and John Paul Caponigro – Feb 16 8pm EST Online With SFW

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Wednesday, February 16 – 2022

Creativity Continues at Santa Fe Workshops with Two Generations In Conversation, an evening with father Paul Caponigro and son John Paul Caponigro. During this captivating hour, the Caponigros, after a brief viewing of images, will share their thoughts about the soul of photography, the joys of printing, and how the two are related. Then we’ll finish our program with a lively question and answer session open to all participants.


  • Linda Enger

    07.02.2022 at 14:28 Reply

    Wow … I literally starting crying watching this video .

  • Michelle Marguerite

    07.02.2022 at 15:02 Reply


  • David M Brookover

    07.02.2022 at 15:07 Reply

    Such a beautiful, respectful video that transcends art and goes straight to the heart.

  • Stephanie J. Banks

    07.02.2022 at 23:57 Reply

    Lovely conversation. How special that his father’s gifts have been passed on to his son. Yet each has been inspired by his own intuition and puts his own personal expression into the photo. They have both created incredible works of art that are forceful and meaningful.

  • John McClure

    08.02.2022 at 22:04 Reply

    The video is a very nice treasure of you two together. Thank you very much. The photos are great to see. They look fabulous on my iMac screen. I hope to get see them exhibited one of these days soon. Have a great workshop.

  • Tom Upton

    17.02.2022 at 02:30 Reply

    So…what does Paul think about the Epson Exhibition fiber paper? Any thoughts or comments? ~TEU

  • Paul Wright

    18.02.2022 at 01:08 Reply

    I have recently been unable to photograph outdoors so I have have been photographing sun flowers as they age. Inspired by a fabulous book of black and white images I purchased many years ago. Beautiful images in a treasured book.

  • Matthew Belge

    21.02.2022 at 15:49 Reply

    A very inspiring and poetic conversation between generations of artistic genius. It was lovely to see the bond between father and son, and the sharing of ideas and inspirations. I learned a lot from this conversation, and I’ve been reading about and practicing art for over 40 years.

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