Aerial Photography – Sossusvlei, Namibia

I recommend you seize every opportunity to photograph a location in the air.
When you go , take two cameras with different focal lengths. Use high shutter speeds (1000 plus). Ask your pilot to circle the most interesting areas and vary altitude. If possible, go doors off to reduce reflections. If it’s not, wear a black long sleeve shirt. Keep your lens/shade out of the wind. Shoot fast. As you fly, so will time.
Photographing the Sossusvlei dune fields by helicopter was a highlight for all of us during my recent workshop in Namibia. The views were simply divine. These images are all panoramic merges. We did a full 360 degree pano from the helicopter, just for fun.
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  • bamyva

    07.10.2010 at 21:21 Reply

    JP, this deserves logging in to comment!!!
    How awesome!
    I’m glad i was not on that airplane!!
    I would’ve gone nuts!!!
    How interesting to capture shapes from the air!
    What an opportunity for those that were there!!!!!
    Beautiful, captivating images!

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