How To Use Metaphor To Make Stronger Photographs

Zoomorphism animates and connects these images.


Photographs can often be well-crafted transcriptions of their subjects and nothing more. It’s usually that elusive ‘something more’ that makes great photographs, elevating them beyond craft to art. How can you bring more to your images? One way is to use a guiding metaphor.

What is a metaphor? In language, spoken or written, a simile implies a shared quality (This is like that.), while a metaphor states that two things are the same (This is that.). When a metaphor is used, it’s understood that poetic license is being taken. A metaphor isn’t used to create misinformation and confusion, it’s used to emphathetically draw attention to shared qualities.

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  • Ernie Notbert

    05.08.2022 at 22:59 Reply

    While your statement “Zoomorphism animates and connects these images.* applys to the final two fotos I am at a loss to see any such connection to the others. Can you help make the connection? TIA

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