The Top 6 Softwares To Fix Blurry Photos Compared

What’s the best tool to fix blurry photos? In this video, we compare the top 6 software and platforms to sharpen extremely blurry portraits and photos. From old noisy images to recovering out-of-focus areas, we will test it all. We‘ll also discuss which one is the best and learn a Photoshop trick to colorize black-and-white images. I hope this video helps. Thanks so much for watching 🙂

00:00 Intro
00:39 Topaz Photo AI
02:43 Remini
04:35 Fotor
05:44 Luminar Neo
07:19 On1 NoNoise AI
08:00 Canva
09:09 The Main Comparison
09:53 Image 1 – Noisy Old Photo
11:42 Image 2 – Slight Portrait Blur
14:43 Image 3 – Missed Focus Portrait
16:03 Colorizing the Photo
16:19 Which is the Best?

1. Topaz Photo AI: (Free trial available)
2. Remini: (Free version leaves watermark and is limited)
3. Fotor: (Free version leaves watermark)
4. Luminar Neo: (Free trial available)
5. On1 NoNoise AI: (Free trial available)
6. Canva: (Can use for free)

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