How Photoshop’s Blend If Sliders Help With Masking, Retouching, and Effects

“Discover the Magic of Blend If in Photoshop! Learn how “Blend If” works and explore the amazing effects you can create with it. In this video, we’ll dive deep into the mechanics of what “Blend If” controls and go through real-world applications, from masking to special effects and even retouching.”

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Explore Photoshop’s Amazing New Retouching Solution – The Remove Tool

“Explore a revolutionary new tool in Photoshop to remove complex objects extremely easily! Compare it with other tools and functions like the Content-Aware Fill. Test how it repairs artifacts and does the clean-up after the fill.”

How To Fix Extreme Color Casts With A Quick Photoshop Trick

Discover a unique Photoshop trick to remove extreme color casts.
Then compare this to an A.I. coloring tool used with Photoshop.

The Only Way to Steal Photoshop Color Grading That Works 100% Of The Time

“Easily copy color grading styles using ‘Common Sense’ in Photoshop! Learn how to logically approach color matching using several techniques and create your own steps that get the best results based on your image and what you wish to achieve.”

One Scary New Tool to Remove Anything from Photos!


“Discover an incredible tool to instantly remove anything from a photo, no matter how complex the image is!

In this video, we will compare Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill to the free Dall-E A.I. image generator for removing objects from challenging photos. We will discuss the limitations of Photoshop and see whether Artificial Intelligence can bridge the gap; and test whether artificial intelligence can fill in empty areas when there is nothing to sample from.”

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17 Things Adobe Didn’t Tell You About Then New Photoshop 2023 !


“Discover new features and updates in Photoshop 2023 & Beta that even Adobe didn’t officially announce! Let’s explore all major updates and changes and dig up the hidden features from Photoshop version 24.0.0. We will cover everything from the biggest features like Removing Anything with one click to more minor upgrades like Preference Search.”

00:00     1. Adobe’s Not Telling You This!
01:33      Important – Photoshop 2023 & Beta
01:53      2. Live Gradients
03:01      Ps Trick – Amazing Flare
03:59      Ps Trick – Unlimited Gradients
04:44      Incredible Compositing Features!
05:59      3. 3D Materials
07:52      4. Object Selection Preview
08:12      5. Sky Detection & More
09:01      6. Live Gaussian Blur
11:17       7. Snap Windows
11:37       8. Invite to Edit
13:55      9. Share for Review
15:01      10. Neutral Color Mode
15:17      11. Preference Search
15:43      12. New Photo Restoration Filter
16:18      13. Transform Warp: Cylinder
18:07      14. Multi-Image Content-Aware Fill
19:35      15. Automatic Selection (Camera Raw)
21:12      16. Content-Aware Remove (Camera Raw)
21:43      17. AI Backdrop Creator
23:05      Want More Features?
23:21      HUGE WARNING!

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How To Create And Use Hue Masks In Photoshop

“Learn what are Hue Masks in Photoshop, and how can you use them for more control while color grading! In this lesson, we will start by understanding how Hue and Saturation mask work.”

How To Copy Color Grading From Paintings To Photographs Using Photoshop

A Super Easy Trick to Copy the Color Grading from Paintings with Photoshop! In this short tutorial, we will use the Curves’ sampling technique to automatically match the colors of highlights, mid-tones, and shadows using the power of The Almighty Curves! You can use this technique to match any area of the image. From skin tones to the landscape in the background, just sampling the right places does the trick, and in this video, we will learn how.

How To Turn On Photoshop’s Amazing Update to Select Subject

“Compare the new cloud version of the Select Subject feature in Photoshop and see if it’s worth using over the standard one. We all know how good Select Subject is with making automatic selections with one click. However, will the cloud processing be even more detailed, or is it just a gimmick? Let’s find out in this video.”

2 Ways To Match Colors Exactly In Photoshop Using HSB & Curves


Learn how to match the colors of one object to another by matching HSB values using Hue/Saturation or RGB values using Curves. There’s more than one way to make magic happen.