Turn Any Color To Any Color In Photoshop

“Discover the Best Techniques to Change Any Color to Any Color in Photoshop! Whether you want to change blue to red, black to white, or white to anything you can think of, we will cover it all in this tutorial. Using the power and the right amount of Curves, Hue/Saturation, and Masking, learn easy ways to change color in every situation.”

00:00 The Problem with One Technique
00:34 Color to Color
03:41 Similar Color to Color
05:07 Color to Black or White
07:48 Major Announcement
08:23 White to Color
10:41 White to Black
12:35 White to Dark Color
13:01 Black to White
14:08 Black to Color

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  • Janice Edwards

    25.02.2024 at 02:02 Reply

    Hi John Paul, I love reading your newsletter and your resources I find so interesting and relevant to my investigations and art interests. However, I mainly use photography as a research method for paintings. I would like to come more adept at photography, particularly as your technical information on tone, colour,,composition etc. overlaps so much with my quest to improve my painting. As I have mainly been using small underwater cameras like GoPro and Nikon Coolpix W300 plus my iPhone, which I also do a lot of editing on, I am wondering if you have any courses for beginners with the better cameras which give more control for art (I think they are SLR), and even what sort of camera I should buy to start with?
    I have done quite a bit of underwater painting, using my own images from rather small cameras. You can see some of this on my instagram: janiceedwardsart.
    It would almost be a dream for me to come to one of your workshops, but I don’t think I could turn up with the cameras I’ve got and I’ve had trouble finding a suitable course.. I live in Australia.
    Janice Edwards.

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