Meditation Can Be / Doesn’t Have To Be A Religious Experience

Meditation isn’t a religious practice. The origin of some meditation practices cannot be traced to a religious practice. While many meditation practices do originate from religious traditions, they can be repurposed for secular life. You don’t need to have a religious practice to benefit from meditating. Regardless of whether you do or don’t incorporate a religious component into your meditations, you will experience physical, mental, and emotional benefits by meditating.

Meditation can enhance your religious practices. All religions practice some form(s) of meditation. Forms of meditation not included in your religious tradition can be used to enhance your experiences both in your daily life and within your religious – simply change the iconography before you practice the meditation. Whether you meditate to increase your compassion for others by visualizing Christ or Buddha or something non-denominational, compassionate action is the end result.

Meditating benefits everyone. Whether your meditation practice is or is not religious is up to you. It’s your practice.

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