The Benefits Of Mindfulness

You can create many benefits for yourself through a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness creates physical benefits. Medical patients meditate to reduce stress, boost immune systems, and speed and improve healing. Athletes meditate to increase benefits from practice and performance during competition.

Mindfulness creates mental benefits. Artists meditate to explore new qualities of thought and forms of expression. Inventors meditate to develop new products, stimulating mental versatility and clarity.

Mindfulness creates emotional benefits. Psychologists meditate and teach mindfulness to their patients to reduce negative emotional responses, including stress, anxiety, and depression. Self-help gurus meditate and teach mindfulness to their clients to increase positive emotional responses, promoting feelings of greater energy, motivation, and fulfillment.

Mindfulness creates spiritual benefits. Spiritual practitioners meditate to fulfill the goals of increasing self-awareness, self-discovery, self-realization, and self-fulfillment. Religious practitioners meditate to deepen and intensify the experiences provided by religious practices.

Mindfulness helps everyone ­– and everything.

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