Can sophisticated color management be made simple and practical? Yes!

Here’s a short excerpt from my DVD.

Learn more in my DVD 6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management.
Learn more in my Fine Art Digital Printing workshops.


You can view over 30 minutes of online training free on my website.
Watch these excerpts from my R/Evolution DVD series.

6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management
The Art of Proofing
Photoshop Color Tools
Photoshop Color Strategies
Black & White Mastery
Drawing With Light – 21st Century Dodging & Burning
Atmospheric FX

Stay tuned for more from my 3 new DVDs,

Fine Art Digital Printing
Fine Art Workflow
Extending Dynamic Range – HDR. Imaging

Learn more in my R/Evolution DVD series.
Learn more proofing techniques in my Fine Art Digital Printing Workshops.

3 New DVDs !

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3 New DVDs!

Fine Art Digital Printing

Fine Art Workflow

Extending Dynamic Range – HDR Imaging

Preorder discounts apply for a limited time only. Save $10.

Read more on Printing in my free Lessons.
Learn more in my Fine Art Digital Printing Workshops.


Announcing all new training DVDs by Vincent Versace.
In these all new DVD releases, Vincent Versace invites us to join him on his journey of mastery, the art of perfect practice, in which he unites the precepts of Zen philosophy with the art and craft of photographic image making. Embodying what he teaches, these lessons reflect innovations in technology in Photoshop and workflow; you will see his evolution of technique, workflow and how he approaches tools and his visual sensibility. The DVDs are filled with tools and approaches that will expand your creative tool chest and your perfect practice . Be inspired to revitalize your mind as you learn to expose the hidden potential within your images. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced Photoshop user, you will find the lessons will accelerate your knowledge to match the quality of your vision. If you have release 1.0, you will find that the new content has expanded each lesson from one to two DVDs. These lessons have taken Vincent years to discover by practicing perfect practice. They are shared here for you to learn, integrate the knowledge and stimulate your creative process and perfect practice.
The Pre-order PRICE is 59.95 per title ($10.00 off).
Buy both bundled together for $109.90 and save an additional $10.00.
Free shipping.
Find out more at Acme Educational.

Oz to Kansas 2.0: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions covers advanced black and white conversion techniques.

Plus get free Photoshop actions and a custom Configurator panel to make these techniques fast and easy.

The limited time only preorder price $59.95 (save $10) with free shipping. Expires soon!

Order your copy today!

Colin Smith is the force behind PhotoshopCafe a dynamic website/web community where you can also find his high quality training DVDs. Colin also gives 9 useful video tips online – Dotted Lines, Portrait Glow, Straighten Images, Wacom C Panel, Dodge and Burn, Rollover in DW, Connect FTP, Double Glow Text, Text on Cylinder. There free!

Check them out here!

See the face behind the tutorials here at NVIDIA’s Speak

Check out Colin’s DVDs here.

Check out my DVDs here.

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