Canon 5D Mark II

Today, I’m flying to Argentina to catch a boat to Antarctica! What’s my go to camera for this trip? My new Canon 5D Mark II. On trips like this, I always take a backup camera; things happen. And in this case, I know the shooting will sometimes be so fast that it’s one of the few times I shoot with two cameras around my neck; one long lens (100-400 mm) and one short (28-135 mm). What’s my backup camera? My Canon 1DS Mark III. I’m excited about the 5D Mark II being lighter, 22 mp, high ISO, low noise, and capable of making HD video. When I first got started in digital a DSLR that outresolved medium format film seemed inevitable, but a long way off; it’s been a reality for years now (12 mp). Similarly, it was clear that one day DSLRs would be capable of taking video; that day is finally here. Add to this ISO’s exceeding 5000. And extremely low noise.
This all adds up to continuing to reconsider basic assumptions about how you can make images and what you can do with them; color or black and white, in high contrast situations, after dark, in multiple pieces, print them at extreme scales, post them, post video. It’s a constant
There’s already been a lot said about the new technical specs of the Canon 5D Mark II.
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The Epson R1900 Prints My Workshop DVDs

The Epson R1900 really excels at high gloss printing, but it also does a great job printing CD and DVD labels. We print my workshop DVDs on an Epson R1900. Good color. Good resolution. Permanent. And it’s easy! Just load in the disc and print.
(Don’t confuse these DVDs with my Acme Educational DVDs. These DVDs are for my workshop alumni only and contain hundreds of digital files, exercises, actions, and discounts.)

Find out about the Epson R1900 here.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II heralds a new era in DSLRs.
21.1 mp
HD and SD video – up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps
Full frame live preview
High ISO – 25,600
Low noise
“The highest level of image quality of any EOS Digital SLR released to date.”
Check out the specs on Canon’s website.
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Canon’s press release follows.
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NEC 2690WUXi Monitor

It’s the best monitor I’ve ever used.
The softproofed image onscreen has never looked so accurate. This LCD monitor has proprietary hardware technology that compresses the highlights to more accurately represent images in print. The monitor has hardware calibration technology that virtually eliminates color banding and provides excellent color uniformity across the screen. An internal stabilizer keeps colors consistent and the screen brightness to a level that more accurately represents images in print. Most LCD monitors are too bright to simulate images in print as accurately. The NEC 2690’s wide gamut encompasses over 90% of Adobe RGB. And it’s high resolution.
26″    2690WQXi   $1199.99
30″    3090WQXi   $2245.99
My workshop participants get to see it in action and receive discounts directly from the manufacturer.
Read about it on NEC.
Read user reviews at Amazon.

I Use – LowePro Camera Bags

Nevermind what’s in my bag. What is my bag? It depends on the situation.
Often. I walk into the field completely unencumbered with a single camera and lens. But the rest of my gear is back in the car ready and accessible.
When I know that I’m going for a slightly longer walk and I only need one extra lens I’ll use my LowePro Top Load bag. It’s light and lean!
For longer walks, where I may need access to all of my gear. I use Lowepro Mini Trekker. It’s light and comfortable. And, it’s got wheels for the airport.
When I’m traveling with multiple camera bodies, I use my Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. It’s got wheels too! It’s big but still fits under an airplane seat or in an overhead bin. I don’t check my camera gear. I always carry it. I prefer not to take long walks with this much gear, so I often take a second bag with me if I’ve got this much gear.
Finally, when I’m on the water I use my waterproof Lowepro DryZone bag. (I heard this model served as a flotation device for one photographer in polar waters. No, it’s not urban legend – but don’t test this.)
Bags? They’re more than fashion. Protection. Ease of use. Comfort. They’re all important.
What do you carry your camera(s) in?
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Adobe's New Innovation in Raw Technology – Camera Profiles

This new Raw technology gives photographers access to flexible camera profiles. Camera profiles provide a visual starting point for a raw processing workflow. Adobe is supplying default camera profiles that closely emulate the look that photographers are used to seeing from their favorite camera, while also providing the ability to customize profiles to an individual’s taste. Camera profiles  for use with Lightroom 2 and Camera Raw 4.5, are available for immediate download on Adobe Labs.

Lightroom 2

Lightroom 2 shipped July 29.
Key features are …
– Regional Adjustments (now you can apply adjustments selectively)
– Graduated Filters
– Output Sharpening
– 16 Bit Printing
– Suggested Keywords
– Smart Collections
– Open LR adjusted files in Photoshop as Smart Objects
And many excellent improvements to existing features.
Lightroom 2 for new users is $299. Upgrades from Lightroom 1 are $99.
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The Future of Video Projection?

Princess Leiah, can you color manage that?
Now I know I’m a geek.
A bad Star Wars joke and color management in the same line?
But, this technology stuff is very cool.
Check this out.
Video in thin air?
The Helio display is a video projector that casts images on condensed air.

I Use – Opteka HotShoe TwoAxis DoubleBubble SpiritLevel

Alright, now I have to admit it. I like toys. This little item is stylish, inexpensive, and useful.
Straight lines are important to me. While I practice refining my eye for seeing when things are level and parallel, in some situations it helps to have a level that will double check things for you.
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Space just became available in my workshop in Namibia.